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Maza Sigulda

We are Builders. We are Creators. We are DreamWeavers. We have a Resonant Voice.

Welcome to Maza Sigulda — the only Global Baltic - Vashon venue sustaining culture for innovative musical and artistic events. Since 2020, we have provided an environment and a unique creative voice for our friends & their guests at that time of their lives when they need to find it and express it. We create a unique, cultured community by bringing like-minded, talented and passionate individuals together from around the world and locally. If you believe you are one of these creatures or are interested in becoming one, or finding this creature within you, reach out! Know, you are not alone! 

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Who are we? Who are we pulled to be? Thinkers, Creators, Listeners, Innovators, Maza Siguldians, Vashonites, Cultural Strelnieki

We Make Music. We Write Poetry. We Sing Song. We have a Voice. Our Voices Our Hands Our Minds are pulled forward. We are pulled to where we are now, by a Force larger than our own selves. By the Sun, By The Moon, By The Stars. We just need to Listen, to Feel, to Hear what we are saying, singing, writing, dancing, playing ….. 

Since 2020, Maza Sigulda has supported some of the most beautiful creative events, both public and private. Our unique environment within The Šķūnis — opening to verdant pastures, to the woods filled with flowering ferns, and nestled by the Strelneiks stream — offers everything to enable you to seek and find your creative self, a creature that will astound you and enable you to fully understand the unique talented resonant community of creative voices here in Vashon, in the Baltic States and globally. Our guests have an opportunity to become a part of a new kind of inherently native community of creative spirits and minds who understand that The More We Give, The More We Have. Join us!

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What can you Offer? What can you Share?

You will feel better! You may feel Joy!

The more you Give, The more you Have. Do Unto Others…. We write our Golden Rules in music, in poetry, in digital-media, in all art forms, and in all we build for ourselves and for those we touch in our everyday lives.

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Events: Learning, Doing, Creating

Maza Sigulda is dedicated to providing innovative, artistic, learning experiences — public and private — in a natural, rural venue space in The Šķūnis and its surrounding floral gardens, green pastures, quiet woods and adjoining stream. Maza Sigulda is intellectually and artistically akin to Big Sur’s Esalen. Clients can choose to participate in our Events or Customize and Create their own. We learn and celebrate together, we listen, and we work together to accommodate your needs.


Celebrations — Inward & Outward

Our Celebration services are perfect for making your special event — Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Summer or Winter Solstices, Creative Workshops, Memorials — exactly how you envision it. Regardless of what your specific needs are, our team will listen and then transform and manage your request to your precise specifications.


Gastronomic Journeys

Our dedicated and detail-oriented chefs guarantee the success of your special occasion with our personalized Gastronomic creations that are locally grown and mixed to meet your specific needs. Maza Sigulda elevates your events with a variety of organically grown and raised options to enhance your celebration of sitting together and dining at the same table.


Event Hosting

Maza Sigulda is committed to providing a rich, meaningful experience for you and your guests, both as a stunning natural indoor / outdoor venue space and with the unique customized services we create and provide. Maza Sigulda Members and Clients can choose from our Event Hosting options, or customize their own. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, we will listen closely, to accommodate your needs and provide you with a beautiful, memorable Maza Sigulda experience like no other.


Get in touch to learn more about our venue, services, and to reserve your event date.

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“Be an Owl. Become an Eagle. Run with the Creatures of The Woods.”

Wisdom grows with Time. Talent lies within. Passion drives us.

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11009 SW Cemetery Road, Vashon, WA 98070


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Our Mighty Team

We are Dedicated! We are Informed! We Give Back!

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Daniels “Steed” Tyack

Lead Creator


Līga “Les Fleurs Sauvages” Tyack